At Allen County Regional Hospital and Allen County Regional Clinics, we establish prices for our services and include them in a master list called a “Chargemaster.” The list includes the set price for all services and supplies which could be shown on your hospital and/or clinic bill.

We charge the same price to all patients regardless of insurance program or coverage. The prices, however, do not reflect the price that you will pay. Each insurance company (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, etc.) has negotiated a contractual rate for services and the hospital is required to write-off the difference between that negotiated rate and the original amount (based on Chargemaster prices) that appears on your bill. The patient with insurance will only pay any deductibles, coinsurance, or non-covered charges that remain.

If the patient does not have health insurance, the hospital offers other discounts on the Chargemaster prices.

  • Uninsured Discount: Allen County Regional Hospital offers a 35% discount on the listed charges. This reduces the charges on the hospital’s bill down to an amount more in line with what an insurance company would pay.
  • Indigent Care/Charity Discount: Allen County Regional Hospital may offer a substantial discount on the listed charges for patients with limited financial resources. Under the hospital’s Indigent Care/Charity Policy, the patient is required to complete an application form and provide supporting documentation to qualify for this discount.

Chargemaster prices are updated annually at the beginning of the hospital’s fiscal year (January 1st). However, individual prices can change throughout the year without notice.

Individual prices that appear on the Chargemaster should not be used to try and estimate your entire bill during an inpatient stay or outpatient visit. The patient’s hospital encounter could include multiple services and materials that would appear on your hospital bill (e.g. procedure charges, diagnostic testing charges, supply/drug charges, room and board, etc.). The Average Standard Charge by DRG (Diagnostic Related Group) shows the average charge for an inpatient encounter which includes a service or set of related services based on Chargemaster prices and final diagnosis.

The patient may also receive additional bill(s) from the hospital or from another provider based on services that took place during your hospital encounter. Some common examples include:

  • Professional fees from your primary care physician
  • Professional fees from a consulting physician
  • Professional fees related to anesthesia services
  • Professional fees from a radiologist
  • Professional fees from a pathologist

Download the Allen County Regional Hospital and Allen County Regional Clinics Chargemaster. This is a detailed listing of all individual prices for inpatient, outpatient, and clinic services and supplies offered.

Download the Allen County Regional Hospital Average Hospital Charges. This provides the average charge for an inpatient stay by DRG (Diagnostic Related Group) for the period of October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018. This is an average of all inpatient encounters for the period, based on Chargemaster prices, displayed by DRG. The DRG is a common hospital unit used in the payment of inpatient stays by certain payers.

For questions, please call our Patient Accounts Department at (620) 365-1015 or Email us.