Be a Hero during National Eye Donor Month

Eye donation really can save a life. This March during National Eye Donor Month, you can be a hero by supporting eye donation at Allen County Hospital.

In 2012, Heartland Lions Eye Banks (HLEB), our hospital partners, and generous donors and donor families saved 2,464 people from a lifetime of blindness. In fact, the staff of Allen County Hospital alone helped restore sight to 8 corneal transplant recipients last year. Your continued support of eye donation throughout the year helps corneal surgeons and HLEB honor eye donors and rescue the sight of people in your community suffering from eye diseases, disorders, and injuries.

Your Superpowers

National Eye Donor Month is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the value of eye donation, talk about the gift of sight in your community, and support eye donation in your hospital. You have the power to:

  1. Speak with your family and friends about your choice to donate.
  2. Learn more about eye donation at
  3. Pledge to be an eye, organ, and tissue donor on the Kansas donor registry at
  4. Share the message of donation with others in your hospital and community.

On behalf of the 8 recipients who received a cornea transplant at Allen County Hospital last year, we thank you and your coworkers for your superhuman support.