The Kansas Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC) recently announced that Allen County Hospital is one of three Kansas critical access hospitals (CAH) leading the way in best practices when inpatient quality reporting (IQR) is compared. The IQR program encourages CAH facilities to voluntarily report data for care they provide their patients with acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, pneumonia and surgical infection prevention. Critical access hospitals in the state of Kansas are not required to report data at this time. But as healthcare continues to evolve, the requirement to report data is just around the corner, as consumers demand a more transparent system where hospital data can not only be viewed but also ranked in terms of care. 

Allen County Hospital is part of HCA Midwest Health System—Kansas City’s largest healthcare provider. 

Allen County Hospital is a leader in Kansas in its initiative to voluntarily report in the IQR program. The Kansas Foundation for Medical Care has looked to Allen County Hospital, among others, to share best practices with other critical access hospitals in the state. 

“There are three similar practices surrounding quality of care outcomes Allen County Hospital and the others have in common and these practices are ingrained in the staff and viewed as priorities from the CEO to the frontline,” says Nadyne Hagmeier, project manager at KFMC who works directly with Kansas hospitals on reporting initiatives. 

Those common practices include service excellence, quality of care priorities and patient safety and are at the top of all meeting agendas. Some of the mechanisms used to achieve such success include standardization of order sets, providers and staff follow evidence based practices and TeamSTEPPS strategies (an evidence-based teamwork system to improve communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals). 

“Outstanding patient care is a priority for all staff members at Allen County Hospital,” says Patty McGuffin, chief nursing officer at Allen County Hospital. “We strive to practice the best evidence-based patient care, but do it in an environment that is patient-centered.” 

By incorporating the best medicine and empowering the patient to be part of that care, Allen County Hospital is a leader in sharing successful strategies with other facilities within the state, thus helping to improve care for all Kansans.

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